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Camping Central

Camping Central

Campsites Choice

Our key requirements:

  • Bookable, Flat, Big (need min 6.4 x 5.1 + extension Downings & 5.5 x 4.95 Webbs plus guys plus car)
  • Pitches Together
  • Decent toilets with hot unlimited constant showers & electric points
  • Dishwashing


  • Shop with ice pack freezing service, fresh bread/pain au choc & papers
  • Laundry incl. tumble dryers
  • Bar/nearby Pub
  • No puddles
  • No badgers, crows/jackdaws, things that visit during the night
  • No noise curfews
  • No last entry times
  • Swimming Pool

Sample Menu

For possible use or adaptation in the future (note the breakfasts are a bit heavy):

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Arrival Day 0 n/a n/a Pasta with jar of sauce & Garlic Bread followed by Gateaux/Tarte
Day 1 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Sausage with Baked Beans & Eggy Bread Pub or Packed Lunch Boil in Bag Fish with Baby New Potatoes & Veg followed by Tinned Sponge Pudding & Packet Custard
Day 2 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Croissants with Jam & Nutella Pub or Packed Lunch BBQ: Salad/Coleslaw/Beetroot/Sausages or Kebabs or Burgers or Ribs/Baby New Potatoes/Baps followed by Baked Choc Bananas
Day 3 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Bacon with Egg & Tinned Tomatoes & Mushrooms Pub or Packed Lunch Chicken breast in jar of White Wine Sauce with Rice & Veg followed by Apple Pie & Packet Custard
Day 4 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg Pub or Packed Lunch Beef Chilli & Rice followed by Instant Whip
Day 5 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Bacon Rolls Pub or Packed Lunch Sausages with Mashed Potato & Onions & Gravy followed by Flan with Strawberries, Quick Gel & Tip Top
Day 6 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Boiled Eggs Pub or Packed Lunch Beef Bolognese & Spaghetti followed by Tinned Rice Pudding with Jam
Departure Day 7 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Pain Au Choc Pub n/a
Extra Day 8 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Kippers Pub or Packed Lunch Chicken Curry with Rice, Naan Bread or Poppadoms followed by Jelly with Tinned Fruit & Tip Top
Extra Day 9 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Croissants with Jam & Nutella Pub or Packed Lunch Steve’s Chilli, Prawn & Rocket Linguine, Garlic Bread followed by Brandy Snap Baskets with Berry Fruits & Tip Top
Extra Day 10 Cereal/Toast/Fruit Juice/Omelette with Cheese & Mushrooms Pub or Packed Lunch Paella with Herb Bread followed by Gateaux/Tarte

Veg to include: Basically nothing from a tin (see Allergies/Dislikes/Alien banned items section)…Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Mushrooms, Sugar Snap Peas.

Packed Lunch to include: Ham/Cheese/Salad & Pickle Roll/French Stick, Piece of Fruit, Piece of Cake, Choc Bar, Bottle of Squash.

Allergies/Dislikes/Alien banned items

New system

  • X = dislike, hate, cannot eat
  • L = Love, to be without it causes me pain, great pain
Item Sam Simon Sarah Steve Alex Rich Helen Chris
White Bread L L X X X L X X
Brown Bread X X L L L X L L
Orange Juice L L L L L L
Apple Juice L L L L L L
Tea L L L L L X L L
Coffee X L L X
Decaf X X X X L X
Hot Choc L L L L L L
Sweetcorn L L L L X X
Peas L L L L X X
Sugar Snap Peas L L L L L L
Green beans L X L L L L L L
Carrots L L L L L L X L
Broccoli L L L L L L L L
Cauliflower L L L L
Cabbage L L L L
Tomatoes L X L L L X L
Tinned Tomatoes L X L L X
Mushrooms L L L L L L X L
Baked Beans L L L L X
Cucumber L L L L X X
Raw Eggs X-Banned L L L
Soft Cheese X-Banned L X L
Pate L L L
Shellfish X-Banned L L L
Smoked Salmon X-Banned unless cooked L L L
Smoked Ham/Bacon L L L L L L
Branston Pickle L L L L
Alcohol X-Banned L L L L L L
Beer X L X L X L L L
White Wine X-Banned L L L L L L L
Red Wine X-Banned L X L L L L
Baileys X-Banned L L L L L
Port X-Banned L L L L
Whisky X-Banned L L X X
Brandy X-Banned X L X X
Olives X X L L X L L
Grapefruit X L L X
Melon L X L X
Avocado X X L X
Red Onion L L X L
Peppers L L L L L L X L
Chilli L X X L X L
Curry L L L L
Pork L L L L L L X L


For the Webbs, we are not terribly bothered if a banned substance ends up in food, we just prefer not to eat great piles of it.

Group Shopping List

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Dessert
Cereal Variety Packs Rolls/French Stick Pasta Twists Gateaux/Tarte
Semi Skim Milk Ham/Beef/Turkey Jar of Pasta Sauce Tinned Choc/Sponge Pudding
Tea Bags Cheese Garlic Bread (pre-cooked) Packet Custard
Sugar Jar of Small Chunk Pickle Boil in Bag Fish Jelly
Brown Bread Fruit Baby New Potatoes Tinned Fruit
White Bread Cake Veg Tip Top
Butter/Spread Choc Bars Sausages/Burgers/Kebabs/Ribs Apple Pie/Cake
Marmalade Burger/Hot Dog Rolls
Ketchup Lettuce Flan Base
Orange Juice Tomatoes Strawberries
Squash Cucumber Packet of Quick Gel
Sausages (2@ breakfast & 3 @ dinner) Beetroot Instant Whip
Eggs (1 each) Coleslaw Choc Buttons
Baked Beans (1/3 tin each) Chicken Breasts Bananas
Croissants (2 each) Jar of White Wine Sauce Tinned Rice Pudding
Jam Rice Brandy Snap Baskets
Nutella Choc Spread Potatoes to mash Berry Fruits
Bacon Onions
Tinned Tomatoes (1/2 tin each) Gravy
Mushrooms Minced Beef
Smoked Salmon Jar of Chilli Sauce
Brown Rolls Kidney Beans
White Rolls Nibbles: Crisps/Nuts
Pain Au Choc (2 each) Spaghetti
Instant Hot Chocolate Jar of Bolognese Sauce
Kippers Jar of Curry Sauce
Naan Bread/Poppadoms
Big Prawns
Dried Chillis
Sundried Tomato Paste
Paella/Arborio Rice
Seafood Mix
Red/Green Peppers
Paella Seasoning/Saffron/Garlic Clove
Black Olives
Chorizo Sausage
  • Y = Sign up for any you can bring from home ilo Group Shopping
  • tba = to be agreed for each camp
Category Item Anslows Downings Webbs Russells
To Bring or Group Shopping Kitchen towel Y
Toilet Roll Y
Cling Film Y
Foil Y
Bin Bags Y
Washing Up liquid Y
Cooking Oil Y
Multi Surface Wipes Y
Salt & Pepper Y
Table Sauce Sachets Y
Homemade! Cake
Instant Coffee Y
Tea Bags Y
Decaf Teabags/Coffee Y
Instant hot Choc Y
Sugar Y
Sweeteners Y Y
Charcoal tba
Firelighters tba
Matches Y

Essential Gear

  • Tilleys
  • Tilley spares
  • Tilley fuel
  • Tilley hooks
  • Tilley Storage Box
  • Lighters – for Tilleys
  • Electric torch
  • Batteries for electric torch



  • Y = Own & bringing
  • N = Don’t own
  • X = Own but not bringing
  • tba = to be agreed for each camp
Category Item Anslows Downings Webbs Russells
Random Good beer guides etc. Y Y
C&C Membership Cards Y Y
S-Max Brochures Y
Cooking Mains Electric/Gas Fridge N N Y
Cool Box/Bag Y
Freezer Blocks Y Y X
Kettle Y Y Y
Mains Electric Kettle N Y N
Mains Electric Toaster N Y N
Kitchen Stand N Y Y
Wedges N Y Y
Hanging Larder N X N
Washing Up Stand N X N
Washing Up Bowl 1 2 2
Pans Y Y Y
Frying Pan Y Y Y
Steamer N Y N
Spatulas/Utensils Y Y Y
Silicone Tongs N Y N
Bread Knife Y Y Y
Sharp Knife Y Y Y
Measuring Jug Y Y N
Colander N Y N
Mixing Bowl N Y N
Tin Opener Y Y Y
Corkscrew/Bottle Opener Y Y Y
Water Container Y Y
Hose attachment N N Y
Chopping board Y Y
Cutlery Y Y Y Y
Mugs, Bowls, Plates Y Y Y Y
Wine Glasses – plastic 2 6
Beer Glasses – plastic 2
Glasses – plastic 4 4
Tea towels Y 7 Y Y
Cook Hook N Y N
Soap Pump N Y N
BBQ Tools X tba X
Tea Pot N Y N
Egg Timer N Y N
Vacu Wine Saver N Y N
Pots for Tea/Coffee/Sugar N Y N
Food Insect Nets N 2 N
Stoves Gas Stoves 1 1 2
Gas Bottle/Cans Y Y Y
Gas Spanner Y
Hose & Regulator N Y N
Tents Tent – Main bag Y Y Y Y
Tent – Inner Bag(s) if separate N N N N
Tent – Poles Y Y Y Y
Tent – Pegs Y Y Y Y
Tent – Instructions N Y N N
Rock Pegs N Y Y
Mallet Y 2 Y
Peg Pull N Y Y
Ground Sheet(s) for tents Y 3 1
Strong Bin Bags N Y N
Carpet N Y N
Windbreak N 1 2
Side Extension for tent N tba N
Box of FIRE Matches/Lighter Y Y Y
Fire Lighters N tba N
Paraffin N Y Y
Meths N Y Y
Reusable BBQ N tba N
Charcoal N tba N
Fire Extinguisher N Y N
Disposable Dish cloths Y Y Y
Sponge N Y N
Wet wipes Y Y Y
Gaffer tape N Y N
BBQ tba
Washing Tablets Y
Tumble Dryer Sheets Y
General Equipment First Aid Kit Y Y
Mains Electric Hook-Up N Y Y
Table N N Y
Chairs 2 2 2 2
Dining table (seat 6) N Y N
Wardrobe N N Y
Maps tba
Map Case Y
Telescope Y Y
Guide Books tba
Compass Y Y
Sigg/Water bottles N 2
Thermos Flask 1
Head torches 1 1
Hanging torches Y X
Handheld torches Y Y
Mains Electric Lights Y
12V Electric Lights X
Tilley Lamp Got torches! 1 1 N
Tilley Fuel N Y Y N
Tilley Spares N 1 Y N
Tilley Hook N Y Y N
Gas Lamp N X N N
Solar charger N N
Hand charger N N
Charging kit N N
Dust Pan & Brush Y
Penknife Y
Air Bed Y Y Y Y
Sleeping Bag/Quilt Y Y Y Y
Sleeping Bag Liner/Bed Linen Y Y
Pillows Y Y Y Y
Electric pump Y X Y Y
Hand pump N Y Y N
Tools/Gadget Bag N Y Y
Picnic Hamper Rucksack X X X Y
String N Y
Coat Hangers Y 4
Clothes Line & Pegs Y
Flag Pole N X N N
Flag N X N N
Car Battery Charger & Jump Leads Y
Spare Car Key Y
Portable Sound System iPhone Car
Citronella Candles Y 2
Toys Kite Y
Games Uno Trivial Pursuit
Pack of Cards each for Nertz Y Y
Fishing Tackle N N tba
Bike X 2 2 N
Bike Lock X 2 N
Spare Lock Key X Y N
Spare Inner Tube X 2 N
Spare Tyre N N N N
Bike Lights X 2 N
Bike Water Holder X 2 2 N
Bike Water Bottles X 2 2 N
Bike Helmet X 2 2 N
Bike Pump X 1 N
Puncture Kit X Y N
Bike Saddle Bag X 1 N
Cleaning Tools X Y N
Chain Cleaner X Y N
Chain Lube X Y N
Bike Carrier for car X Y Y N
Spare Carrier Key X Y N
Plastic Bags for Saddle X Y N
Personal Kit Waterproof Jacket Y Y Y
Waterproof Trousers Y Y Y
Waterproof Bike Jacket Y
Wellies N X N
Fleece Y Y Y
Gloves/Hat/Scarf Y Y Y
Baseball Cap/Sun Hat Y Y Y
Towels Y Y Y
Flip Flops Y Y
Dressing Gown Y Y Y
Pyjamas Y Y Y
Hike boots Y Y Y
Day Sack Y Y Y
Platypus N 1 1
Walking Poles Y N Y
Umbrella Y Y Y
Bike Gloves X Y
Cycle Shorts X Y
Cycle Shoes N 1 N
Insect Repellent Y Y Y
Swimsuit/Trunks Y Y
Swim Hat/Goggles N 1
Sun Tan Lotion Y Y Y
Sunglasses Y Y Y
Spare Glasses/Lenses Y Y Y
Camera Y Y Y
Camera Spare Battery Y Y Y
Mains Electric Camera Charger Y Y Y
Mobile Phone Y Y Y
Mains Electric Phone Charger Y Y Y
12v Phone Charger Y
Money Y Y Y
Rubber Gloves N Y
Tissues N Y
Spare Batteries Y Y
Portable Straighening Irons Y N N
Mains Electric Straightening Irons Y Y Y
Travel Hairdryer N Y Y
Mirror N Y Y
Clothes Y Y Y
Underwear Y Y Y
Shoes Y Y Y
Socks Y Y Y
Wash Kit Y Y Y
Toothbrush Y Y Y
Wine Y Y Y
Pimms & Lemonade Y
Whisky Y
Baileys Y
Beer Y Y Y
Soft Drinks Y Y Y