Vicarage Farm 2014


We are staying at Vicarage Farm.  Specifically we have got two self-catering cottages known as Prince’s Seat and Miller’s View.

Here is a link to Google Maps.


Arrive Depart
Overall dates booked  Fri 15 Aug  Fri 22 Aug
Mum  15 Aug  22 Aug
Alex and Rich  Sun 17 Aug orMon 18 Aug  Fri 22 Aug
Steph, Pete, Matthew and Daniel  15th Aug  22nd Aug
Dani, Phil and Caleb  Sun 17 Aug  Fri 22nd Aug



See also the cottage’s guide to the local area.


  • Visit a house
    • R&A up for this – have already done Chatsworth
    • Mum ok with this, have also done it – would like to do the Pemberly house
    • The Lewis’ are happy to do Lyme Park
    • Knoxes are happy to visit everywhere
  • Go for a walk
    • R&A up for this – happy to plan something which works for everyone
    • Mum – not up to walking more than a couple of miles but happy to be with the little ones so others can go
    • Pete is very up for a long walk, Matthew maybe, Steph and Daniel not!
    • Knoxes are happy to walk

Don’t forget to bring

  • Walkie talkies
  • BBQ
  • Walking gear

Just a note to say, the Knoxes are up for everything! We are very excited. Caleb is constantly saying ‘Is it today we are off to Vicarage Farm mummy. One does hope so’