Mum’s 60th Birthday Weekend


To celebrate 60 years, 21,900 days, or 525,600 hours since 25 March 1955 we thought we might get together for a weekend away.


Weekends described by the date of the Saturday

Weekend Mum R&A PSM&D DP&C
28 Feb Y  Y  Y
7 Mar Y  Y  Y
14 Mar Y  Y  Y
21 Mar Y  Y  Y
28 Mar Y  Y  N
11 Apr Y  N  Y
18 Apr Y  Y  Y


Dani – just need to check Phil’s dates and make a decision about Spring Harvest. We could do the week including 11th April. However, our school holidays are 30th March to 12th April (not a problem) but I’ve looked them up and think they are the same for Steph.

A possible cunning plan could be to go for 11 Apr and do the whole week leading up to that (i.e. 6-12 Apr), given the way Easter falls in terms of Alex’s schools holidays (don’t know about others).

I agree about the dates, it seems to me that is the only possibility, I have been looking at centre parcs at Woburn and we could have a 4 bedroom lodge and a 2 bedroom lodge, don’t know how close we could get them, from Monday 6 to Friday 10 April,  it would be really costly to do the weekend as well, what do you all think? Mum


Probably need to get a date before sorting this.