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Click on the name below to see the Amazon wishlist for that person.  Don’t forget to make sure that the items is marked as purchased on the list, especially if the link is to another online shop.

Name Birthday
Dani Knox 28 March
Phil Knox 5 Aug
Caleb Knox 26 Nov
Daniel Lewis 15 March
Matthew Lewis 21 July
Pete Lewis 1 Sept
Steph Lewis 18 Dec
Alex Webb 7 Nov
Marilyn Webb 25 March
Rich Webb 13 June

Using Amazon Wishlists

If you want to use the Amazon Universal wishlist put a link to it on your page and use the instructions below.


For desktop browsers, follow this link to get a bookmark for your browser. If you are using Chrome then this link will give you a proper button.

iPad and iPhone

The process is slightly more complicated since, at the time of writing, the instructions on the web are only for the US version.

Follow the instructions on this website, but be ready for a change.

When is says to copy and paste some code, use this instead (I have changed .com to

javascript:(function(){var w=window,l=w.location,d=w.document,s=d.createElement('script'),e=encodeURIComponent,o='object',n='AUWLBook',u='',r='readyState',T=setTimeout,a='setAttribute',g=function(){d[r]&&d[r]!='complete'?T(g,200):!w[n]?(s[a]('charset','UTF-8'),s[a]('src',u+'.js?ext=ipad&loc='+e(l)),d.body.appendChild(s),f()):f()},f=function(){!w[n]?T(f,200):w[n].showPopover()};typeof s!=o?l.href=u+'?ext=ipad&u='+e(l)+'&t='+e(d.title):g()}())

It may seem a hassle, but you only have to do it once and then it works well as far as I can see.


Click here for lists of who owns what in popular book series.

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